Monday, April 22, 2013

Another kind of textile: Marc Bankowsky

all photos from M. Bankowsky

There's nothing quite like fabric in the material world, but that doesn't mean it is inimitable. In fact, I collect or at least mentally record the instances I find other media that express the drapes and folds of textiles, so I'll start showing you some I've found. 

I've admired this screen for several years, but  I've just learned that the designer, Marc Bankowsky, had spent many years of his creative career weaving and making impressive textile installations . A true textilian,  he participated for several years at the Biennale internationale de la tapisserie Laussane and has exhibited his textile sculptures at the Musée d'art moderne of Paris and the Centre Pompidou

 Bankowsky's work has been directed towards the decorative arts since the 1990s. He also sculpts and makes very appealingly fanciful furniture of bronze. You can find a full range of his work in bronze, plaster and polyester resin on his site.

Textiles clearly remain important for the artist.
 This hinged screen has something of the drape and drama of Staff swags from the 30-40s as do 
the series of  pieces that follow. 





  1. Have always loved folds in fabric, marble whatever.

    At the Nelson-Atkins we have this lovely:

    which has charmed many, including hoards of pre-pubescent school boys!

    1. Yes, resin or marble folds make for a strange combination of opposites - rigid and supple. And your sweetly titillating example takes us again to fascination with more opposites - what is cloaked, what is revealed.

      You remind me of another artist that I'll post for you next week!