Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jean-Paul Gaultier: moods for Maison

all photos from Lelièvre
I always think of the style Jean-Paul Gaultier as a gust of good humor playing at the masterful cuts and seams of his Couture collections. The designer never fails to give a brisk shake to the wrinkles of propriety by using a mischievous print or by converting what is rock, kitsch, and everyday into high fashion. Yet he never stints on rigor and traditional craft. By teaming up with the design department at Lelièvre,  his inventive joie de vivre has recently found its way into the home.

But there's another side to that effervescence, as you can see. I've selected 5 new fabrics from Jean-Paul Gaultier's most recent collection, Le Défilé, and what comes across is a romantic mood even with the state of the art technology that is evident behind these designs.

The relaxed linen digital print above called Vagabond set the tone for me with its flowing composition and roaming, soft focus photographic scene. (The boldest items of the collection, I'll leave you to see on the at the end of this post.)

Lace is a constant in Gaultier's world and this clever Jacquard stand-in, with all its delicate appearance, is actually resistant enough to be used as upholstery.

A small graphic motif with clean lines and iridescent weft.

Large scale irregular dot design with a dynamic painterly spirit on an innovative and resistant 
new cotton material that imitates suede -

in deep,warm colorways.

Sweetly nostalgic with humor creeping in -
there's the ubiquitous striped Gaultier marinère on the putti and romantic figures here. What seems to be a classic arrangement of medallions is in fact a woven compostion of six different scenes which can be isolated and cut out to use creatively in an original decor.

And now, you can follow up on the boldest, most colorful side of the collection at the 


  1. I love them all, Gesbi, but wondered what would I do with them. Until, that is, the last pic. Love.

    1. So there you go, stay funky but chic and lay it on thick!

  2. i can't figure out what those last images are - either my husband's tool drawer or an outtake from the movie crash......

    oui il fait sourire ce mec avec son pull de matelot.

    1. Pretty close I'm sure! and it made me think of César wreckage sculpture.

  3. I love "Spacial"--so much positive energy. Are the new JP Gaultier fabrics available in the US?

  4. Mary - please excuse this late response. I answered long ago, but apparently my comment didn't go through and I've just discovered it now! Lelièvre has distributors across the US, you just need to look at their website 'where to find us.'